ARCA Inaugural Nurses Retreat, 18th -21st Oct 2018 Phuket, Thailand

ARCA organized its very first Nurses Retreat on the island of Phuket, Thailand.  Thirty-one nurses from our dialysis centres in Singapore and Malaysia attended.  The retreat programme featured clinical, operational and topics, as well as case studies and beach activities; such as parasailing.  More importantly, the event enabled deserving nurses to network and broaden their perspectives on the many aspects of dialysis.  From the photos below, we can safely conclude that our hardworking nurses truly benefited and enjoyed themselves at the event….


First to Arrive – the Team from Malaysia!!

The Malaysian Team Arrived, but those from Singapore got Delayed at the Airport

Flight Delayed – but Spirits Remained High !!

Finally – Arrived and in Great Spirits !!


The Meeting Facilities

The Speakers. 

Open Discussions with Active Participation from the Floor

Break Time

Case Study and Break-Out Sessions

Lunch Breaks

Prize Winners !!

Above :  The Retreat Organizers

Below :  Family Photo

Above : More Family Photo

Below :  Night Out at Simon Cabaret

Above :  Family Photo as Simone Cabaret

Sumptuous Thai-Style Dinner

Great Food and Fun

Our Brave and Adventurous Nurses Go Parasailing !!

                        Until the Next Retreat, Goodbye !!





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